Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dimond Brothers and Debating

Robert Godfrey, who runs the Sedevacantist Printing Card Company in Corpus Christi, Texas has asked me why Peter Dimond pulled out of a future possible debate on the Validity of Vatican II against me.

I recently did a video on this very issue, but I thought it best to provide the images here as well. Mr. Dimond, after our debate on the New Mass, made a number of demands in order for a debate on Vatican II to happen. It is my conviction that Mr. Dimond put so many obstacles in the way of a future debate against me simply due to his awful performance in our previous debate on the New Mass. After that debate Mr. Dimond even went as far as to setting up a ridiculous amount of parameters in order for another debate to occur! Mr. Dimond's outrageous behavior led numerous Sedevacantists to APOLOGIZE for his behavior. As such, it seems that Mr. Dimond...

WOULD like to debate, but when it's "convenient" for him! Mr. Dimond also wants "SOLE YOUTUBE RIGHTS" to this future debate. He wants to be the ONLY one who can post it.

You think that's outrageous..I'm not done ;)

Keep watching...

What's the big DELETED that is circled there. Well, Mr. Dimond also says that I have to agree that if any comments I make in the debate that he deems NECESSARY to be "DELETED", then he gets the right to DELETE them from the debate!

Mr. Dimond doesn't want a debate. Mr. Dimond wants a puppet that he can manipulate to his own liking. After Mr. Dimond and the Monastery's numerous awful performances, we aren't surprised that they set up SO many OUTRAGEOUS demands. The Monastery KNOW that no one would accept such outrageous demands. As such, it's an easy way to avoid defending your position that has been refuted many times over already.


  1. Well hello there. Vatican II is false, even if the Dimonds are evil.

  2. If you are willing to find someone able to debate such and defend that notion, I'd be more than willing to have a live moderated debate on that topic.