Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Two mp3 debate sets posted and more!

I apologize for the delay in posting the DID ST. AUGUSTINE BELIEVE IN TRANSUBSTANTIATION debate mp3 earlier--but here it is below!

As usual, I try my best to keep all my debate audios(unless the recording company--the instance that happened in my SIRI DEBATE in Corpus-- prevents me to release it freely!) around for people to hear and get something out of them! It's ALL for the GLORY OF OUR GREAT GOD and SAVIOR!

Left click to go to the page to download the MP3!

Did. St. Augustine Believe in Transubstantiation?

And now, the latest debate(the MP3s are finally posted!), which was on Purgatory is freely available also!

Do the Scriptures and the Fathers Teach Purgatory?

Below, LEFT click on each link to follow a link that allows you to download the COMPLETE debate in PARTS!

NOTE: My closing had to be re-recorded due to technical difficulties. NO WORDS were changed. This was done from permission by Turretinfan and the moderator, Matt Lankford.

Part One: My Opening Statement

Part Two: My Opening Statement Continued

Part Three: Turretinfan's Opening Statement

Part Four: Turretinfan's Opening Statement Continued

Part Five: Turretinfan Cross Examines Albrecht

Part Six: Albrecht Cross Examines Turretinfan

Part Seven: Turretinfan RE-Cross Examines Albrecht

Part Eight: Albrecht RE-Cross Examines Turretinfan

Part Nine: Turretinfan Closing Statement

Part Ten: Albrecht Closing Statement and the Conclusion of the Debate


Upcoming Debates and Dates soon to be posted!

Marian Dogmas Debate vs. Robert Zins and Sacraments Debate vs. Robert Zins

Three Sedevacantist Debates set also!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

St. Augustine and the Eucharist

Did St. Augustine Believe in Transubstantiation?

Clearly! Whether or not Augustine used the word(which he did NOT) is not relevant to the subject. What is of importance in this debate is whether or not Augustine believed that the bread and the wine changed once the words of prayer were said over them, which is in essence what transubtantiation is! The MP3 for the debate will be available soon!