Friday, October 30, 2009

The Marian Debates


It's great to be actively posting again!

I just recently finished debating the Marian Dogmas. I am very pleased that there is a Catholic that has finally debated AOMIN (a blogger for them at least) on all the Marian Dogmas. The last person to do that was Gerry Matatics and he is no longer a Catholic. I hope these debates can stand for many years to come and help strengthen the faith of Catholics that have questions on Mary and her role in salvation history.

I will be posting the links to all the debates quite soon and commentary on them as well.

It's interesting how history favors Catholicism more than you can imagine. In debating these dogmas we have seen just how far from Biblical and Historical Christianity that Reformed Protestantism really is. It's such a shame.

Mary:Mother of our GOD

Below are some images that I made myself in regards to evidence in Luke on Mary being the MOTHER OF OUR GOD.

I haven't blogged or posted new videos lately because I have been incredibly busy. Traveling and doing talks and debating takes up WAY more time than I could have EVER expected. I do a lot of talks in Mexico---where the faith needs a very strong defense more than ever.

Below I will post the MP3 link to my DEBATE I had against AOMIN's turretinfan on MARY:MOTHER OF GOD as well as a follow up response to the Lucan passage that is discussed.

For those that couldn't tell how "clueless" tfan was during the debate, maybe the images and the Youtube video I did on this topic can held shed some light on it!

Above we are examining the usage of KURIOS, the Greek for LORD in Luke 1. We can see that EACH TIME it is used it is in reference to GOD!

BELOW we see verse 43..a CLEAR affirmation of the DEITY of Christ. Let's recall that Elizabeth was INSPIRED by the HOLY SPIRIT when she declared that MARY was the MOTHER OF HER LORD--her GOD! In keeping in tune with Luke's terminology, it's ILLOGICAL to claim that Mary was being called anything other than the mother of GOD.

Here is the video I did on this very important chapter of Luke's Gospel account

A detailed examination of Luke 1 and Mary as MOTHER of GOD!

And here is the MP3 of the debate

MARY:MOTHER OF GOD? between turretinfan and myself!