Monday, April 19, 2010

Debating the Validity of the New Mass-again!

This past Saturday I debated Ken Bird on the validity of the New Mass once again. The MP3 audio is edited and ready to be released. It will be out by Monday evening, with an Afterthoughts also. The debate was very interesting and I think it described just how bankrupt the Sedevacantist position really is. Ken Bird was a true gentleman. Ken Bird attends a CMRI service and aligns themselves with them more than with the mindset of the Dimonds. Both groups are radical Sedevacantists--but the Dimonds rely on scare tactics and pejorative argumentation rather than fruitful charitable dialogue. Ken seemed to have misunderstood many points. In our examination of the debate we will see how Ken's adoption of Patrick Omlor's flawed theology has lead him down a murky path. A number of fallacious arguments Ken put forth(not his own fault wholly) are the outrageous claim that Florence "infallibly" defined the consecration formula. Ken also put forth arguments in regards to the UNION of the Faithful, arguments that were rebutted and left Ken with little else to say in regards to this. As evinced once more, the falsely called traditionalists were unable to deal with the Patristic sources. In my previous debate against Peter Dimond, Peter resorted to rejecting Church Father quotations as SPURIOUS since it was so damaging to his position!

Peter Dimond rejects the Fathers and Trent's definitions!

This time around Ken didn't reject the Fathers, but he failed to deal with them completely! What still stands is the peculiar little tradition that stems from the APOSTOLIC FATHERS-that the transubstantiation is brought about by 'THIS IS MY BODY' and 'THIS IS MY BLOOD' or a like wise affirmation of such a reality being put forth. These arguments don't get rebutted by Ken because it's impossible for a Sedevacantist who holds to the Invalidity of the New Mass to deal with the Patristic sources. The debate ranges at around 4 hours and covers a great deal of topics!

Ken Bird and I have agreed to do a number of debates in the near future as well!

Our next few debates will be announced soon!


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