Monday, July 13, 2009

Marian Dogmas!

Will be loads of fun! Turretinfan and I are currently debating all of the Marian Dogmas.

So far we've covered two debates. "Does the NT teach Veneration of Mary?" and "Mary: Mother of GOD?"

Below I will provide the link to the first debate. The second debate is still in the editing process.

For anyone that would wish to obtain a PDF collection of my notes for both debates, you can email me, or simply request it here.
There are quite a few things I didn't get to in each of the debates, and you might find something interesting in the notes.

Does the NEW TESTAMENT teach VENERATION of MARY? MP3 debate

Click that link(not right click), then you can download it from RAPIDSHARE.


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  1. Your Semper Virgo debate was okay. You should have brought up that in Matthew's Gospel, "until" is used also in chapter 28 to refer to the presence of Christ "until" He comes again...same book, at end when Christ departs, and at the beginning, when He comes.

    Tur8infan also doesn't seem to bring up the Scriptural reasons given by even the Reformation fathers...Isaiah (wife, mother, virgin SIMULTANEOUSLY), Ezekiel and the East Gate of the temple, and her being a virgin like Eve was.