Sunday, April 1, 2012

LOGOS Bible Software..for Catholics!

I recently had an amazing interview with Catholic Director from Logos Andrew Jones--you can find the interview here, as well as a link to the MP3 below! Get their products! Support them! I will be running a Contest very soon from my Youtube page, my Blog, and the Legate site! Details coming soon!

Youtube Video Interview with Logos Bible Software! Click to listen, to hear all the great products and amazing Biblical works you can find with Logos!

Right click and SAVE as, to download the Mp3 interview!


  1. I developed free Catholic software for download called Credo Bible Study which I have been updating pretty frequently. I don't try to compete with Logos, but I think the program is good. Here is a demo:

    And it can be downloaded here:

  2. I wouldn't mind downloading it and checking it out. If I get the chance I'll provide a short review of your software on my site in a future post if you'd like.


  3. Thanks. That would be great. For some reason the demo link got truncated when my comment was submitted. The end of the url was the number 269953

  4. It’s nice to know about LOGOS downloadable Bible software. Thanks for sharing.

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